“Waiting for My Happily Ever After: A Strength to Move On”

"Happily Ever After" beautifully expresses a deep and personal belief in the enduring power of fairy tales and the hope they bring.
Today, I will reveal my childhood belief,
A treasure cherished within, a lifelong relief.
I believe in fairy tales, my heart holds dear.
Where dreams come alive, hope is always near.

I believe in the magic they weave.
In enchanted forests where dreams conceive,
Where heroes rise and villains deceive,
And love's pure light, the darkness reprieve.

For in every tale, a single refrain
Echo softly, like a summer rain,
"They lived happily ever after," it proclaims.
It's a beacon of hope amidst life's strain.

Through turbulent storms and despair's abyss,
I cling to this belief, a steadfast wish,
No matter what trials I must face,
A moment will come, a saving grace.

Every trial must come to an end.
A new chapter of the story will be sent.
To a place where joy know no amend,
Where happiness reigns, my heart will mend.

So I journey on, with this belief in tow.
Through valleys of sorrow and mountains of woe,
Deep within this knowledge, I know,
That my own "happily ever after" will grow

And though the path may twist and bend,
I know that love will guide me, my friend.
For in the tales of old, the message is clear:
That hope is eternal, conquering fear.

So, I march forward with a hopeful heart.
Knowing that my fairy tale, too, will start,
A new chapter, where joy will impart,
And I'll live happily ever after, with all my heart.

Warm Regards,


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