“A Journey of Self-Transformation”

I can't accept myself as this.
I have dreamt of something different for myself.
I am suffocating, looking up like this.
I want my dreams back. Oh, how I wish!

But years have passed, and I became this.
How can I be my dream when I am old?
I can't turn back time; I can't rewind the clock.
Still, a ray of hope in me holds.

It asks me to step out of me.
To try and draw my dream as I want it to be.
Yes, I know it's not that easy.
It's the toughest thing I'll ever see.

But trust me, as I finish my drawing,
And I look at it with my eyes wide open.
I would be jolly and thrilled to see
The transformation that changed me was unspoken.

For it is in the act of creation,
I find solace and liberation.
In the strokes of my pen, the colors of my soul,
I can become the person I've always longed to know.

So let me pick up that pen and that brush.
And paint my dreams without a hush.
On this canvas of life, I'll find my way.
And let my true self come to play.

Though the journey may be tough,
The path may seem unclear,
I will keep pushing forward.
With determination and no fear.

In the act of drawing my dreams,
I'll uncover strength I never knew.
And with each stroke, each line, and each shade,
A transformation will ensue.

So, dreamer, fear not the passing years.
It's never too late to chase what's dear.
Trust in yourself, embrace the unknown,
And watch as your dreams slowly appear.

In the end, as I step back and see,
The masterpiece that is now me
I'll be overwhelmed with joy and pride.
As I dream again and become what I've always tried to be.

Warm Regards,


3 responses to ““Dream Again””

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    1. Thank you, sir. This appreciation means a lot to me.

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