“Tears That Flow Unbounded: A Silent Symphony”

"Unnoticed Tears" captures the essence and impact of tears and holds immense depth in expressing a range of emotions.
"Oh, tears unannounced, arriving untold,
Without a whisper, you start to unfold.
In sadness, you come, yet in happiness too.
A paradox within, both old and new

You are with me every time, unseen and true.
If someone is in pain, you emerge to see their view.
If someone is joyful, you reveal their happiness.
On every occasion, you come without a trace.

If someone is triumphant, you reveal yourself.
If someone is defeated, you emerge as well.
For all my emotions, you stand by my side.
Yet touched by others' pain with your tide.

I can't understand you many times; it's true.
Your purpose is elusive, like a hidden clue.
Yet through the thunderous tide of life's rain,
You flow seamlessly, touching hearts again and again.

Love and emotions together, arranged
Joy and sorrow delicately get engaged.
Hope springs eternally as your presence stays,
Invisible threads bind caring souls' ways.

Though labeled "unnoticed," your power prevails.
Transcending borders of joy and despair
Whispering comfort to whose weep unheard,
Igniting hope for all who dare to bear

The weight of emotion that life owns
In several moments, it travels too long.
Oh, tears unnoticed yet felt deeply so true,
Your essence sings a bittersweet song we all knew.

Warm Regards,


2 responses to ““Unnoticed Tears””

  1. Beautiful words.

    1. Thank you, Sir!

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