“A Guide to Balance the Life”

No to the hate, that divides us apart,
No to the judgement, that breaks the heart.
No to the anger, that fuels the fire,
No to the violence, that brings the dire.

For when we say no, we create a space,
For love and compassion, to take its place.
We open our hearts, and lend a hand,
We heal the wounds, and rebuild the land.

No is the voice, that speaks for peace,
No is the hope, that helps us release.
No is the dream, that we hold dear,
No is the vision, that brings us near.

So let us foster the art of saying no,
And see how far its strength can go.
For in its might, we find our light,
No holding us back, from shining bright.

No to the darkness, that clouds the mind,
No to the ignorance, that leaves us blind.
No to the despair, that sinks our soul,
No to the hate, that takes its toll.

For when we say no, we stand for love,
Unconditional, pure, and from above.
We unite as one, and lift each other,
Together we rise, and emerge stronger.

So let us foster the art of saying no,
And let it guide us, as we grow.
For in its strength, we find our way,
To a brighter future, come what may.

Warm Regards,


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