“Every Day is a Day: A Journey Through Time”

"Every Day is a Day" emphasizes the contrast between the potential for new beginnings and the struggle to move forward from the past.
Every day brings new possibilities, so bright,
Yet we struggle to finish the ones from before.
Everyday is a fresh start, a new light,
Yet old chapters keep us bound and unsure.

Every day brings hope, a ray of gold,
But still, we battle with our hopelessness.
Everyday shines, stories yet untold,
Yet darkness stays, leaving us in distress.

End it all before you go to sleep.
And wake up to a new version each day.
Smile, hope, and new dreams in leap
Embrace life's offerings, come what may.

Everyday is a gift, unspoiled and pure.
With each sunrise comes a chance to start anew.
So seize the moment and let your spirit soar.
And bask in the wonders life offers you.

Warm Regards,


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