“A Feast of Lessons and Gratitude”

"A Taste of Everything" implies a willingness to savor and learn from all that life has to offer, whether joyous or challenging.
Lord plated everything I needed on my plate,
Along with all I don't need, that's fate.
At first, I'd select what I'd want and what not.
But as I grew up, I realized my thought.

Whatever is being served, I need to have.
To learn and evolve, my soul must carve
For within each bite lies a lesson true.
A chance to grow and embrace the new

A feast of experiences, flavors divine,
Nourishing my spirit, one meal at a time
I embrace the abundance that life designed.
No longer confined by a restrictive mind.

On this divine platter, blessings unfold.
From savory to sweet, stories untold
Every bite is a journey, a new adventure,
A taste of life's essence, a delight to quench more

Lord plated abundance, both bitter and sweet,
For in every challenge, growth we meet.
So I savor each moment with an open heart.
Appreciating the lessons, a true work of art.

In this grand feast, my soul finds its way.
Through trials and triumphs, I have learned many ways.
With gratitude, I took part in life's play.
Lord's platter, a gift, guiding my pathway.

Thank you for the feast; the flavors are so vast.
In this grand feast, I'm steadfast.
Grateful for the variety; it looks so bright.
Lord, I cherish every moment, day and night.

Warm Regards,


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