“Navigating Life: The Power of Perspective”

"Half Empty or Half Full" is the choice of perception between half empty and half full one can have in the same situation.
In a moment of reflection,
With a glass of water, a simple connection,
I sipped half of it, feeling content.
But my thoughts took a different bent.

The glass in my hand, its contents shrink,
An age-old debate ignites: what do i think?
Is it half empty, a sign of lacking,
Or half full, a story worth everything?

A choice to be made in each passing day,
To perceive life's essence in a balanced way.
For the glass, the water, the liquid so pure,
Teaches us lessons and wisdom to endure.

A whisper inside me, a gentle voice,
Reminded me of the power of choice,
A half-empty mindset breeds despair.
While half-full thinking lifts us beyond compare.

Life's winding road, its peaks and its falls
Can either break or sculpt our inner walls,
With half-empty vision, joy seems far,
Yet half-full hearts dream under the star.

So, I chose the path that spreads its light.
To paint my life with colours so bright,
With gratitude and strength as my guide,
I embraced the journey, the highs, and the tide.

For it's not the glass but how we perceive,
The wonders of each moment we receive
Whether half-empty or half-full, it's our view,
Our outlook shapes life, old and new.

So, let us choose, with courage and might,
Grasping hope in the darkest night,
In this very choice, our true power was found.
Rise above with each step from the ground.

Warm Regards,


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