“A Delusion: ‘Grass is Greener on the Other Side’”

"The Shades of Green" shows the importance of valuing one's own journey and finding beauty in it rather than comparing oneself to others.
In the garden of life, I stood and sighed.
The age-old tale, "The Grass is Greener on the other side,"
A whispering delusion; it echoed so loud,
Yet within my heart, a different truth vowed

The grass appeared lush, verdant, and bold.
Beyond compare in the neighbor's plot.
But on closer inspection, I began to see
My own patch of green caught my eye.

Underneath the sun's gentle rays,
My grass, too, wore emerald rays.
Each blade whispered tales of its might.
Yet my eyes yearned for a different sight.

I questioned the whispers that clouded my view,
Why yearn for other's green when mine is true?
Comparisons and envy clouded my soul.
Yet the essence of my being held a unique role.

The sunsets painted a canvas so divine,
On my side of the fence, they began to shine.
The laughter that echoed in the air I breathed,
In my own patch of green, it shined like anything.

No, the grass wasn't barren or dull, I found.
It was the lens I wore, a disguise i was bound,
Shifting my focus, altering my lens,
Revealed the beauty that was mine now and then.

I chose to water my grass, nurture it well,
In my story, in my truth, I began to dwell,
And as the days unfolded, my vision improved.
I embraced my shade of green—a life I loved.

So let the world believe in the mirage they see.
The grass is greener; it's an illusion. Let it be.
On the canvas of life, my colors blend and blend.
And in my own shades of green, my soul likes to mend.

Warm Regards,


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