“Lost on the Screen: A Tale of Endless Obsession”

In a world of screens, my story begins,
When I got a new phone, my obsession had no ends.
Lost in its pixels, I couldn't hear or see,
Caught in a whirlpool of virtual fantasy.

My parents, worried, would scold and advise,
"Don't be consumed; look around and open your eyes!
The world around you is a wonder to explore.
Don't let it pass; there's so much more."

But I brushed them off, my confidence near.
'No need to look elsewhere; my phone is here.
The world resides within it; my window so wide,
Through its virtual land, I peacefully slide."

Yet time moved swiftly, as it always will.
And tables turned, a cycle to fill.
Now I see my parents, caught in digital art,
Phones in hand, a world held close to the heart.

I scold them now, with concern in my voice,
'Look up from your screens, make a different choice.
The world is out there, full of beauty untold,
Embrace it now, before it gets too old.

They respond with a smile, a knowing glance,
'Dear child, don't worry; give life a chance.
The world resides within this little device.
Through its lens, we see wonders arise."

And so the cycle spins in an endless way.
As we share our lives, day after day.
Phones in hand, lost in rare zones,
Forgetting that life is more than just phones.

Let us break this digital trance,
And find balance, give reality a chance.
Embrace the world, both near and far,
For true connections will always be the brightest star.

Warm Regards,


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