“Life’s voyage, where wanting and having share the same sea, In pursuit of something more, we journey endlessly.”

In childhood's tender hours, I longed for toys so dear,
Dreams filled with colorful joy, but reality was clear,
No treasures in my hands, no playthings to enjoy,
Yet I found happiness in simple things, oh, what a joy.

Paper, stones and cardboard boxes, my precious toys,
Imagination sprouts out, in many humble joys
I cherished every moment, in every simple thing,
Creating a world of wonder just like anything.

I prayed for just one toy, one cherished little friend,
But fate had different plans, a message it did send,
My childhood forged in simple ways, with heart and soul I'd play,
And even in the absence of toys, I found my special way.

But now as a parent, I watch my daughter with a smile,
She is surrounded by toys, mile by mile.
She hardly cares for one, always wanting for more,
While I yearned for just one, as in dreams of yore.

Oh, how I long  can i  play with those toys?
To relish the joys they give that i never enjoy.
Forgetting time, forgetting age,
Lost in a world where fantasies engage.

Through my daughter's eyes, I now perceive,
For in wanting and in having, we chase a common dream,
Yet in my humble journey, I've come to understand,
That in the absence of it all, I held life in my hand.

Getting nothing, getting everything, sail on the same tide,
In the search for something more, we journey far and wide,
But beauty lies in moments, in love, and in grace,
Even without toys, we find our special place.

Warm Regards,


3 responses to ““A Childhood Without Toys””

  1. A heart touching poem!

    1. Thank you, Sir. Your words of encouragement mean a lot.

      1. Truly my pleasure!

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