“Candid Reflections on Forgetfulness”

Many a time I forget as things slip through my mind.
The most urgent tasks often left behind.
They label me careless, a fool without a care,
But truth be told, sometimes my mind's not there.

Like broken glass, my thoughts scatter wide.
When my brain takes a break, they collide.
They label me lazy, lacking grace,
Yet it's the chaos within me I face.

It's not my fault, this playful brain's game,
Avoiding pathways, it's not the same.
In this race against time, I'm not alone,
In forgetfulness, we've all grown.

So don't judge my forgetfulness, my absentminded phase,
Beneath this scattered surface, a thinker holds its place.
Seeking peace in chaos, finding to get out of this cause,
Hoping to tame thoughts, in life's ever-changing chase.

Warm Regards,


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