“Time’s Theft: Unmasking the Culprit.”

Who stole my time, I ask, in despair,
Always prepared, yet unable to bear
The weight of my tasks, lingering in line,
Someone has taken my precious time.

Before the clock strikes, I'm set to go.
But still, I arrive with minutes to show.
Cold food on my plate, no warmth to delight,
For time has been stolen, stolen from sight.

My daily routine, a hurried affair.
No time to spare, no moments to share,
With parents dear, longing for a chime,
But stolen is time; it's no longer mine.

I'm damn busy, with no seconds to spare.
Burdened by duties beyond what's fair,
This thief unseen, who holds a great crime,
I must find the culprit who stole my time.

Oh look and see, it's my mobile device,
A shameless thief, with its tempting voice,
Scrolling and swiping, stealing away,
Each passing moment, day after day.

Oh, mobile, how could you be so bold?
To steal my time, as the hours unfold,
Our relation untied; it's time to break free.
To save my time and reclaim what should be.

So farewell, dear phone, with all its allure.
I'll reclaim my moments, my time that's pure,
No longer enslaved, I'll let my life rhyme.
For no one will steal again, my precious time.
"Beware of the time thief in your pocket—your mobile device. Take charge of your time to live more meaningfully."

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