“Empathy: A Bridge That Connects Hearts and Nurtures Understanding.”

In the journey of motherhood, I fall short,
Unable to guess their every thought.
But that's okay, I'm not a mind reader, you see,
I'll be their faithful friend and let them be free.

For I long to be their friend, Always true,
Where they can pour their hearts out without a clue,
Knowing they're heard, without a single regret,
Unafraid to share feelings, a bond they won't forget.

But sometimes, my children struggle too.
To grasp the depths of all that I do.
Yet that's alright; they're not mind readers as well.
But they can try to understand and hear me as well.

For in seeking to understand, you'll learn to perceive,
The depth of emotions that others may weave.
A listener, a friend, you'll become day by day,
A skill that will guide you along life's way.

To be there for others, through highs and lows,
With a gentle understanding that truly shows,
That sometimes, words fail, but hearts can mend,
And being a good listener is a gift that won't end.

Let us journey together, dear,
This bond will grow and deepen, crystal clear.
For understanding and empathy, they will see,
Are the pillars that will nurture them, and me, you see.

Warm Regards,


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