“Celebrating the Dreams Within: My Space in Sleep”

In the land of dreams, I find my way,
A space where I love to enjoy and play,
I'm the hero, bold and free,
In adventures that are just for me.

When daylight breaks, I still hold tight
 my dreams, they shine so bright,
Throughout the day, they light my way,
Chasing worries, keeping them away.

In a little boy's world, a place to enjoy,
In that special place, my dreams are full of joy,
I cherish each moment, where I'm the king,
Oh, how I love my space in sleep, it's everything

in my dreams, I'm always the star,
Chasing adventures, no matter how far,
A small boy's joy, like a flowing stream,
In that special place where I live my dream.

Warm Regards,


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