“For me, “GURU” is someone giving us uniqueness and resilience at their utmost.”

With humble thanks, I now express:
To all who've helped me progress.
To my dear mom and loving dad,
For teachings that have made me glad.

To relatives whose wisdom shared,
Has taught me how to be prepared.
For teachers, guiding paths each day
Unfolding knowledge without delay

To siblings who have taught me more,
Than any textbook could explore.
To seniors showing me the way,
Their experience, a priceless display.

To nature's beauty, vast and wide,
Lessons learned with each sunrise.
The sky, with its heavenly might,
Inspiring wonders day and night.

Oh, sun and moon, forever bright,
You taught me to move toward light.
From all of you, I've gained insight,
And strive to share it with delight.

On this happy Teachers' Day,
A debt of gratitude, i must pay.
For you are all my Gurus true,
Unique and resilient, through and through.

So thank you for the lessons learned,
For all the knowledge that I've earned.
To my Gurus, I extend my heart,
Learning from you has been an art. 

Warm Regards,


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