“A Give and Get Lesson”

“The best thing you can give for free is your precious time.”

In these times, the truth is clear.
To get is all that many hold dear.
We're taught to give respect, so will be respected.
When all our effort is put , success is rewarded.
They say, "Give good, and good shall come back."
Yet we grew empty, lost in what we lack.

In this lesson of give to get, nothing was in our way.
Forgetting to give, chasing gains every day
The world rushes forward, seeking endless treasure.
Few willing to give; it's a measure.
In this selfish race, we've lost our sight,
to see what giving brings to our lives, right?

Oh, remember the power in each act of giving.
In our hearts, love and kindness, ever-living.
Give time, love, lend a helping hand,
Blessings will multiply across your land.
In the end, it's not possessions we possess,
But the generosity we share is our success.

So let's change the pattern, alter the tide,
Give freely, and put selfishness aside.
In a world of wanting more,
Be the ones who open the giving door.
In these simple acts, our true worth will see,
Filling the void and setting our spirits free
In giving, we discover life's hidden Blessings, you see.

Warm Regards,


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