“GIRL”: Guided by Inner Resilience and Light

“An Ever-Evolving Legacy”

In a world filled with worry, a girl is born, 
To a family's embrace, where concerns are worn,
Her studies then became a source of endless fright,
But she persevered, shining with her inner light.

Safety becomes her worry; walking in fear,
Yet she marches forward, determined and clear.
Marriage brings new concerns, a weight to bear,
But she finds solace, knowing her strength is rare.

In a new family, fears emerge and grow.
Yet she stands tall, her confidence a glow,
Her life cycle may be filled with endless care,
But her Unshakeable spirit, always aware.

A girl, you see, holds immense power inside.
Stronger than worry, she bravely abides.
In the face of the world, she stands alone.
With unwavering strength, she's courageously shown.

So let us celebrate this word, 'girl' with pride.
A symbol of strength, where worries subside,
For she carries the burdens, conquering each strife,
Embodying resilience and embracing life.

Cherish oh girl, strong and brave,
Support their hopes, dreams they engrave,
Through their strength, worries dissolve,
Leaving a legacy that forever evolves.

Warm Regards,


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