“what you give is what you get.”

I tried everything to catch your eye,
But you ignored my every try.
Now that I've stopped doing it for you,
You finally noticed that I did nothing for you.

I waited for your appreciation to come.
But your compliments never came.
And now, for everything I do,
You express disappointment, my heart is aching so.

I longed for your smile, a simple gesture,
But you are never bothered or ignored
Now that I don't see your way,
You complain, feeling I no longer stay.

For it's the simple act of being there,
That shows you truly love and care.
For husband and wife, sibling and friend,
May we all aim, to interrupt this trend.

Let us strive to give time, to show that we care,
So that when we're in need, someone will be there.
A little effort can bridge these divides,
Creating a bond that nothing can break.

Warm Regards,


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