“A Journey into Thoughtlessness: The Tale of a Thoughtless Girl”

There once was a thoughtless girl, you see.
Her mind was empty, void of empathy.
No thoughts danced, and no ideas came.
She blocked every thought, like a scary dream.

Some called her careless, a mindless being,
But she was merely thoughtless, with thoughts flying.
Is it good or bad, this vacant mind state?
The emptiness and lightness it creates.

Yet in her emptiness, a light seems to shine,
simple, pure, extremely divine,
In this absence, nothing unfolds.
Still, flowers bloom in her empty world.

So judge her not; this thoughtlessness is so clear,
She has found happiness in the vacant air.
A lesson she teaches, though strange it may seem,
Sometimes it's okay to let go of the dream.

Warm Regards,


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