“”Sometimes, my sense of smell sweeps me away to the place where my heart truly belongs.”

In a world of scents, where memories lay,
My olfactory senses lead the way.
With every fragrance that tickles my nose,
A rush of stories, close in tow it goes.

Each scent unravels tales of the old days,
Untying the knots of life's mysterious ways.
A summer rain, on a scorching day's heat,
Takes me back to childhood, with friends so sweet.

The aroma of coffee, warm and inviting,
Brings lazy mornings and stories enlightening.
And the aroma of curries, so refined,
Brings forth mom's taste, memories unwind.

Fresh grass after rainfall, a scent so pure,
Takes me to the park, where joy would endure.
Frankincense smoke, floating high in the sky,
Unveils family gatherings, where spirits would fly.

The fragrance of books, wise and aged,
Leads me to libraries, where knowledge is engaged.
And the scent of ink, so subtle and crisp,
Revives the hostel days, a treasure I miss.

My sense of smell, a powerful guide,
Unlocks doors to moments where time can't hide.
For as fragrances find me, vibrant and strong,
I'm swept to where I belong—where I truly belong.

Warm Regards,


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