“Wabi Sabi: Finding Light in Imperfection”

Imperfection, a word we all dislike,
Yet within us, it secretly lies,
An act we commit, no one can deny,
But why does imperfection make one cry?

Perfection, the ideal, is what we strive to be.
But in our journey, we often can't see,
That beauty lies in our flaws, don't you see?
Embrace your imperfections and set yourself free.

Wabi sabi, a lesson to find light,
In its imperfection, it's a delight
Happiness lies not in creating perfect themes
But accept each of our flawed themes.

So let us embrace our imperfect souls.
As life's masterpiece unfolds,
For imperfection, when held with grace,
Becomes the art that lights up our space.
The wabi-sabi concept is a Japanese philosophy that celebrates imperfect beauty. Nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.

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4 responses to ““Imperfection’s Shine””

    1. “I appreciate your support!”Thank you.😊

  1. I’ve read these somewhere “Oh my darling, it’s true. beautiful things have dents and scratches too”…I mean not every polished or symmetrical thing is beautiful it’s beyond that,,,best part is we can see that when we really believe in it.❤

    1. “Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m delighted that you resonated with the sentiment of my poem. Indeed, the beauty of imperfection lies in our ability to truly see and believe in ourselves with all our drawbacks as well. May you have a truly beautiful day ahead!🌞✨ “

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