“Mastering the Art of Facing It All”

Oh my problem, you come each day, 
I try my best to push you away,
But you always stand in my way,
Avoiding you is not an easy play.

I come up with tricks to greed you,
But then you trick me, like a mirage that's true,
We play hide and seek, me and you,
Always finding each other, it's nothing new.

Are we friends or enemies, I can't say,
For you're always there, come what may,
Could it be that we've found some kind of bond,
A peculiar connection that will forever respond?

Now I can call myself an artist, you see,
Facing you each time, it becomes a part of me,
From this constant battle, a lesson I gain,
oh problem, you're always here to remain.

So I embrace you, and I'll never depart,
For facing you is truly an art,
I've come to accept that you'll never leave,
But through facing you, I can achieve and achieve

Warm Regards,


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