“A Symphony of Cherished Moments.”

"Whispers of My Frozen Moment" is a captivating title that beautifully encapsulates the idea of holding onto a cherished experience in time.
“Whispers of My Frozen Moment”
In moments of serenity, oh! I wish time would freeze.
To relax in the joy that fills my heart with ease,
But alas! I know this can never be true.
In life's cycle, we must go on through

Yet still, a part of me yearns to hold tight.
To cherish that moment in its dazzling light,
Oh! I wish I could freeze just a bit more.
And taste the feelings that my soul adores.

In that precious hour when everything is clear,
Where happiness dances, banishing all fear,
I find meaning and purpose, a sense of delight,
Oh please! Won't you freeze this moment just for tonight?

On a rollercoaster of emotions, I ride
Thoughts swirling within, like a turbulent tide,
And with this setback, I hesitate to go on.
Longing for a pause, a chance to prolong

Oh! Life, won't you grant me a freeze-frame embrace?
So I may live fully in this cherished space,
Within this moment, I find all I need,
A symphony of joy, a heartfelt creed

But as time marches forward, I must accept
The ups and downs of life intersect.
Though I crave that stillness, that pause in the flow,
I must journey ahead and let new chapters unfold.

So I'll treasure that moment like a precious gem.
In the depths of my heart, I'll hold onto them.
And with gratitude, I'll cherish each day.
Knowing that life moves on in its own special way

Warm Regards,


2 responses to ““Whispers of My Frozen Moment””

  1. I love how you express it. I always feel the same way

    1. Thank you so much. I appreciate that you resonated with my way of expression; it means a lot to me.

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