“A Balancing Act: Navigating Peace, Dreams, and Stress in My Life”

"Soul's Odyssey implies a journey that aligns with the themes of self-discovery and the search for peace that are present in the poem.
Soul’s Odyssey
When I was a child, I was at peace.
Innocence and wonder never ceased.
Dreams unknowingly knocked on my door,
And stay with me forever more.

Peace was the essence of my being.
A calm state that kept me from running.
But as I grew, my fantasies evolved.
Complicated desires are slowly resolving.

Dreams bought into my desire,
A ceaseless battle to ignite the fire,
Of becoming who I longed to be,
Expanding the territory of my destiny.

And so the day came when I finally arrived.
Who I wanted to be, my dreams designed
But these greedy desires were never satisfied.
Hungry for more, stress gradually increased.

No further expansion; I cannot go.
Stress overtook me, inhibiting my glow.
Replacing dreams with who I wanted to be,
Lost in the chaos, my spirit is not free.

Now that stress rules me, I struggle to find a way.
To reclaim the peace that once held my way.
After being with everyone, I learned a lesson:
True peace lies in knowing my essence.

So once again, I embark on a quest.
To nurture peace, to find solace, and to rest.
Stress refuses to leave, A relentless foe,
But as I navigate this cycle, my heart glows.

In this mind's lifecycle, a dance is complete.
Between peace, dreams, and stress, a beat
I strive to rediscover my childhood's peace,
And let it guide me as my soul finds release.

Warm Regards,


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