“Mastering the Terrain of Thinking Within and Out of the Box”.

"Be unique" is a beautiful poem that encourages readers to appreciate their own uniqueness while embracing creative exploration
“Be Unique”
Thinking out of the box, so common these days,
Everyone strives to be unique in their own way.
But my friend, before you set outside,
Know what's within you and the secrets you hide.

Explore the box, gather strengths and flaws,
Your weaknesses, your strengths—know them all.
For when you think out with confidence and grace,
You'll understand how the box contributes to your chase.

Be unique in your thoughts, think out of the box,
But first, be special; within its walls, unlock.
Plan accordingly, armed with knowledge inside,
Let your ideas fly with the box as your guide.

So remember, my friend, think both in and out.
Unleash your creativity beyond any doubt.
With the box as your ally, you'll surely succeed.
Thinking out of the box and fulfilling your every need

Warm Regards,


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