I Yell for Freedom

I yell for freedom from everything
That holds me back from being me.
I want to explore myself,
To take time to know myself,
To care for myself,
To love myself.

I want to be free of expectations
Of the others,
From the labels they put on me,
From the roles they want me to play.
I want to be free to be myself,
Unique and individual,
Unafraid to be different.

I want the freedom to make my own choices,
To follow my own path,
To live my own life.
I want to be free and be happy,
To be content,
To be at peace with myself.

I yell for freedom,
For the freedom to be me.

I know that freedom is not easy,
That it takes courage and strength.
But I am ready to stand for it,
To be the one I was meant to be.

I am worthy of freedom,
Of being myself.
I will not give up,
I will not give in.

I will yell for freedom,
Until I am free.

Warm Regards,


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