The Echoes of Love

"When loss whispers, love echoes with healing and hope."
“When loss whispers, love echoes with healing and hope.”
In the depths of a sorrow's well, I once found myself lost,
A battle within, a silent tempest, at great cost.
A loss that whispered, ever so softly, in my ear,
But I vowed to stay strong, show no signs of fear.

Yet clever was this loss, cunningly it conspired,
To slowly weaken my spirit, and make me tire.
Day by day, its whispers grew louder, it seemed,
But I refused to surrender; my hopes gleamed.

Then, like a divine blessing, love's echoes arrived,
Resounding with a fervor that kept me revived.
They drowned out the whispers, those echoes were so clear.
I couldn't help but rejoice, banishing all my fear.

Oh, how wondrously God has woven this grand plan,
Guiding us through moments that we cannot withstand.
With the sword of love, we can conquer our despair,
Transforming whispers of loss into echoes rare.

This tale is not mine alone, it's a shared plight,
Every soul must navigate the shadows, seek light.
Don't let the whispers engulf and make you drown,
Find the echoes of love, and rise above with a crown.

Warm Regards,



3 responses to ““Whispers of Loss Overcome””

  1. A beautiful poem! One can feel love and emotion in its verses.

    1. Thank you so much Sir for your kind words! Wishing you a wonderful day filled with joy and success. Take care!

      1. Always a pleasure! Stay blessed!

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