My Timeless Mantra

"I Am Enough As I Am" is my timeless mantra  and shall forever be my steadfast companion, nurturing my soul and allowing me to shine brightly as my truest self.
“I Am Enough As I Am”
"I am enough as I am," my mantra, my creed,
No longer bound by others' expectations or need.
I refuse to alter, for their acceptance or acclaim,
With self-acceptance, my happiness will forever remain.

I'll rise above the doubts, no longer feeling small.
Embracing my worth and standing proud and tall
With self-love as my guide, I'll pave my own way.
"I am enough as I am" is the mantra I'll forever say.

Warm Regards,


5 responses to ““I Am Enough As I Am””

  1. I fully resonate with your post and poem. Well penned! Charity begins at home.

    1. Thank You Sir ..Your appreciation means a lot. Have a great day.

      1. Always my pleasure 😊

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