the ability to open infinite doors or close crucial pathways.

"Choose Choices Wisely" the poem delve into the profound impact of choices, their ability to open infinite doors or close crucial pathways.
“Choose Choices Wisely”
In the orbit of choices, a power resides.
A tool that shapes paths where destiny hides.
In each moment, a decision is made.
A gateway to futures, both bright and gray.

Choice, oh choice, a double-edged blade,
Opening doors or sealing them with a fade.
A delicate dance, a precarious art,
To navigate life with a wise, mindful heart.

With every step forward, a choice to be made,
Forge a new path or follow the brigade.
Infinite possibilities, stretching wide and far,
Guided by the flicker of a distant star.

Yet in this dance, there's no foolproof guide,
No map or compass to sail the tides.
But don't fear dear soul, for within you lies,
The strength to discern truth from disguise.

When faced with a crossroad, a moment to pause,
Reflect on your values, embrace your flaws.
For the choices you make, they define your way,
Carving a story with each passing day.

And if ever you stumble, or take a wrong turn,
Know that resilience within you shall burn.
A chance to course-correct, to find a new light,
To rise from the shadows, reclaim what feels right.

So choose, dear friend, with a conscious mind,
Embrace the beauty of choices you find.
For even in darkness, a flicker of hope,
A chance to discover the strength to cope.

Choose wisely, with courage, let your heart lead,
Embrace the unknown, sow the seeds you'll need.
And as you journey through life's winding track,
May your choices bring joy, and never hold you back.

Warm Regards,


“The choices we make carefully are the stones that carve the castle of our destiny.”

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