You Are My Friend and Enemy Both.

"My Need: You Are My Friend and Enemy Both. Within the depths of my soul, my need is both my friend and enemy, a constant force shaping my existence."
“My Need: You Are My Friend and Enemy Both.”
In the depths of my soul, a need resides,
Demanding, unyielding, it never subsides.
Since my birth, it clung to me tight,
Guided by others, now my own fight.

As a child, my parents provided its care,
But now I'm grown, burdened by its snare.
It pressures me endlessly to achieve,
Yet its hunger is insatiable, I perceive.

Oh, need, you're an enemy, relentless and strong,
Devouring my dreams, consuming me wrong.
I yearn for freedom, to break your chains,
To find happiness where tranquility remains.

How can I control you, restrain your might,
And prevent you from engulfing my light?
For I've lost so much in pursuit of your desire,
Leaving me empty, my soul worn and tired.

I beseech you, need, let me be free,
Release your grip, please listen to me.
I long for a peaceful existence, serene and pure,
Where I determine my worth, my own allure.

But need retorts, its voice hauntingly clear,
"Just a moment, my friend, have no fear.
You cannot escape me, try as you might,
For without me, your world loses its light."

"I know I trouble you, cause you pain,
Yet you gave me power to drive you insane.
You could have controlled me, tamed my fire,
But you let me consume you, your deepest desire."

Now you claim to renounce me, bid me adieu,
But deep down, you know it's not really true.
You're intertwined with me, forever entwined,
In the tapestry of life, a bond undefined.

Though I may trouble you, cause you strife,
Together we navigate this journey called life.
Find balance, my friend, between need and desire,
And in harmony, forge a life you can admire.

Warm Regards,


2 responses to ““My Need””

    1. Thank you Sir, it means a lot to me.

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