a soulful exploration of the essence of true goodness.

“Don’t be good to showcase your goodness, but be good “
In a world that craves attention's sway,
Where deeds are done for accolades' display,
A voice whispers softly, so it's understood,
"Don't be good to showcase your goodness, but be good."

Let not your kindness be a mask you wear,
A superficial display, void of care,
For goodness true resides within the soul,
A beacon shining brightly, making you whole.

Be good, not seeking praises or acclaim,
But driven by a purpose beyond fame,
Let every act of love be pure and true,
With no agenda but to help and renew.

Let empathy guide you on this noble quest,
To see the world through eyes that truly rest,
On others' burdens, pains, and silent cries,
A genuine connection, no disguise.

For goodness springs from depths of selfless hearts,
From understanding every life it imparts,
And in its wake, it leaves a trail of light,
Illuminating paths, banishing the night.

Embrace the joy that selflessness can bring,
The boundless happiness that it can sing,
For in the act of giving, you shall find,
A beauty that transcends the passing time.

So let your actions be a testament true,
To goodness that resides and shines in you,
Don't seek approval or applause's nod,
But be good, my friend, simply to be good.

Warm Regards,


“Don’t be good to showcase your goodness, but be good to contemplate the transformative power of authenticity and selflessness.”


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