i am rich beyond comparison

In the world where wealth does dwell,
I find a story I must tell,
Of riches not in gold or land,
But in the heart, where joy expands.

I am rich, I proudly say,
Not for treasures that others display,
But for the blessings that surround,
Each day, in every sight and sound.

In mornings kissed by golden sun,
I find wealth in the dawn's first run,
A symphony of birdsong bright,
Filling my soul with pure delight.

I am rich when laughter resounds,
Echoing through life's merry rounds,
Shared with loved ones, side by side,
Their presence, a wealth I can't hide.

In moments of kindness, big or small,
I find riches that truly win all,
A helping hand, a heartfelt smile,
Enriching lives mile after mile.

I am rich when passions ignite,
Fueling dreams that take flight,
Creativity's fire burning bright,
Guiding me through the darkest night.

In nature's wonders, vast and grand,
I find wealth as they gently command,
Mountains high and oceans deep,
Awakening a love I'll forever keep.

I am rich, for within my soul,
I embrace gratitude as my goal,
Contentment weaves a tapestry,
Of richness that sets my spirit free.

So, let the world define its measure,
With treasures sought for endless pleasure,
For in my heart, I proudly declare,
I am rich, beyond compare.

Warm Regards,


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