A Tale of Strength and Self-Affirmation

"Whispered Words: A Tale of Strength and Self-Affirmation" beautifully exemplifies the transformative power of simple words and positive self-talk.
In the morning's golden light so bright,
A mother's voice called with all her might,
"Baby, it's time to rise and shine,
The day awaits, it's a gift divine."

But the little one lay in slumber deep,
Unaware of the tasks she had to keep.
Once more, the mother gently implored,
"Get up, my baby, let your dreams be stored."

Then, something wondrous filled the air,
A soft whisper came from a heart so fair.
With determination in her little voice,
The daughter spoke, making a choice.

"Come on dear, it's time to wake,
Many things today I need to undertake.
I'll rise with a smile, like a shining sun,
Embracing the day, getting tasks done."

The mother, amazed, asked her daughter why,
She spoke to herself with that heartfelt cry.
The daughter smiled and began to explain,
Her words held wisdom, free from any strain.

"Amma, your words gave me strength, it's true,
But my affirmations made my spirit anew.
They filled me with power, bright and strong,
Believing in myself all day long."

In that moment, a lesson was learned,
The power of simple words, how they yearned,
To ignite a flame within our souls,
To help us achieve our lofty goals.

So, let us remember, in every single day,
To speak words of love in our own unique way,
For simple words hold the power to inspire,
To uplift, encourage, and set our hearts on fire.


Warm Regards,


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