a sense of perfection beyond the confines of comparison.

why to Compare "As you sow tomatoes, you can't expect to reap grapes. Let go of comparisons and embrace the fruits of your own journey."
In a world so vast, where uniqueness thrives,
Why compare ourselves, lead burdened lives?
For what I possess, they may never find,
And what they hold, I may not desire in kind.

In smiles that bloom, each a personal tale,
There is no need to tether or scale.
For joy knows no bounds, no limit to share,
So why compare, and seek a burden to bear?

The melody of life, a symphony unique,
Each note, a reflection of the soul we speak.
In dreams we chase, aspirations untamed,
No need to compare, no need to be tamed.

Our paths diverge in myriad ways,
Different passions fuel our numbered days.
What brings me to tears, may not touch their heart,
Our journeys, dear friend, are worlds apart.

Embrace diversity, let comparisons cease,
Celebrate beauty and find inner peace.
For in our differences, lies strength untold,
United we stand, our spirits bold.

So let us break free from the chains that bind,
Embrace the essence of our own design.
Why to compare and why to compete,
In this vast tapestry, find solace, find treat.

For we are unique, like stars in the sky,
Let your light shine, soar and fly.
Embrace your journey, let comparisons fade,
In this vast mosaic, let your true colors cascade.

(Dedicated to all caring parents, especially mothers, who sometimes find themselves caught in the cycle of comparison.As parents, it’s natural to want the best for our children. However, comparing them to others can diminish their self-worth and hinder their personal growth.
Let go of the burden of comparison and instead provide a nurturing and supportive environment where your child can thrive. Recognise their unique strengths, passions, and abilities, and encourage them to pursue their own dreams. By doing so, you empower your child to embrace their true selves and build confidence in their own abilities.
Remember, each child is a precious individual, with their own journey to unfold. Embrace their uniqueness, shower them with love and encouragement, and watch them flourish in their own remarkable way. Together, let’s create a world where every child feels valued and cherished for who they are.)

Warm Regards,


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  1. Great share Divya ji

    1. Thank you Sir for your kind words! I’m glad you enjoyed the share.Wishing you a wonderful day filled with positivity and happiness!

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