Keep track of our apologies.

"Count the sorries of your journey, for within each lies the seeds of growth and transformation."
In words so simple, let me convey,
A tale of sorry, day by day,
A word that holds immense power,
To mend the hearts, in every hour.

When deeds go wrong, and faults arise,
Sorry emerges, a humble guise,
A bridge we build, to heal the strife,
A chance to change, and transform life.

Through humble lips, it finds its way,
An admission of mistakes we say,
A promise made, to make amends,
To walk anew, where darkness ends.

It cools the anger, like gentle rain,
Easing tension, soothing the pain,
A balm for souls, in conflict's wake,
A chance for harmony to partake.

In every word we speak, we find,
The need to say, "I was unkind,"
For sorry teaches us to see,
The value of empathy, set free.

From the first words to our final breath,
Sorry  a companion till death.
Yet  we speak without thought,
Unaware of lessons left untaught.

So count the sorries, one by one,
Reflect on days, when they were done,
A mirror to our hearts, it shows,
The path to growth, where kindness grows.

In gratitude, we find our grace,
But sorry too, deserves a place,
For in its essence, we can find,
The seeds of change within our mind.

Let sorries guide us, hand in hand,
To better lives, where we will stand,
And may we learn, from each regret,
To be the best that we can get.

So cherish sorry, and use it wise,
To mend the wounds, that pain belies,
For in its simple, humble word,
Lies the power to be seen and heard.

Warm Regards,


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