embracing the beauty of each passing moment.

"Teach the Heart to Smile"is a Poetic Journey  guiding light to teach your heart to smile, embracing the beauty of each passing moment.
Within my smile, a day so bright,
But tears can turn it into night.
The choice is mine, to laugh or weep,
My day's reflection, mine to keep.

I choose to smile, to find delight,
Though deep within, my heart takes flight.
For it laments throughout the day,
Haunted by pains that won't decay.

To teach my heart, a daunting quest,
To guide it toward eternal zest.
Like a carefree child, pure and free,
To dwell in joy, perpetually.

It took time for my heart to see,
The path to childlike jubilee.
But as it learned, a wondrous thing,
Great days ahead, joy's song would sing.

Each day I cherish, come what may,
Embracing joy, all fears allay.
For in my heart, a smile's embrace,
Transforms each moment with sweet grace.

So let me revel, day by day,
In laughter's light, worries allay.
A childlike heart, now full of glee,
Living in joy, eternally.

Warm Regards,


2 responses to ““Teach the Heart to Smile””

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