The Mask Behind ‘I am Fine”

 "A Beautiful Lie: The Mask Behind 'I am Fine'" is a thought-provoking poem that delves into the intricate dynamics between our external expressions and internal struggles.
In the kingdom of words, I shall now weave,
A poem for you, to ponder and perceive.
About the question that we all hear,
"How are you?" whispered in our ear.

Often we reply with a simple claim,
"I am good," we say, making the frame.
But deep within, a battle may reside,
A truth we hide, with a smile we hide.

For sometimes, the weight of life we bear,
Leaves scars and burdens too hard to share.
Yet, in this lie, there lies a spark,
A tiny flame that glows in the dark.

This beautiful lie, a balm for the soul,
A gentle push to help us reach our goal.
It murmurs, "You can step up and can try,
Though you're not fine, spread your wings and fly."

The question itself, a catalyst to motivate,
Igniting embers of hope, despite our state.
But the answer we give, a secret pact we make,
To find strength within, for our own sake.

So let the question inspire, and the lie propel,
As we navigate this journey, all is well.
For in this dance of truth and pretense,
We find the courage to face life's immense.

So when asked, "How are you?" every day,
Remember the choice to choose your own way.
To utter the words that push you to strive,
And keep the flame of hope alive.

Warm Regards,


5 responses to ““A Beautiful Lie””

  1. So true, there is a lot hidden behind “I’m fine.” Well said, Divya !

    1. Thank you Sir for your kind words! I appreciate your support.Have a fantastic day, and may it be filled with bright opportunities and beautiful experiences.

      1. Thanks so much, Divya for your kind words and wishes that I heartily reciprocate. Wish you success and happiness!

  2. Hi, If you’re looking for a place to find hope, healing, and spiritual renewal, please follow my blog. I share personal stories, biblical teachings, and practical advice that will help you navigate life’s challenges and find peace in the midst of turmoil. Join me on this journey of faith and discovery.

    1. Thank you Sir for your kind wishes! I wish you a wonderful day ahead filled with positivity, joy, and fulfillment.

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