disappearing to gain a deeper understanding of oneself

Discover how moments of invisibility can foster personal growth and provide an opportunity to observe ourselves from a new perspective.
Vanish to Observe
In shadows deep, I yearn to hide,
A day of vanishing, unseen beside.
No eyes shall glimpse my presence near,
But mine shall witness, crystal clear.

A silent specter, a ghostly guise,
I'll wander through the world, unseen skies.
Eavesdropping whispers, secrets untold,
Unveiling truths that were once withheld.

I'll hear their words, the tales they weave,
What they say when they believe I leave.
A mirror reflecting their thoughts, unfeigned,
A lesson awaits, to be unchained.

But in my absence, a void will stay,
An empty space where I used to play.
No laughter shared, no memories made,
Yet, a pang of sadness may never fade.

For deep within, a longing stirs,
To be missed, to matter, as it were.
Yet, this day is a canvas, a chance to explore,
To revel in freedom, unseen, and more.

I'll dance with the wind, sing with the streams,
Unburdened by judgment, fulfilling dreams.
I'll seek solace in solitude's embrace,
Discovering strength, finding my own pace.

No one will notice, life will carry on,
But in my heart, a transformation is born.
To change or be, the choice is always mine,
In this day of vanishing, a chance to shine.

So, as I fade from their view, unseen,
I'll relish the joy, the pure and serene.
For in my absence, I'll truly be,
A moment of respite, just for me.

Warm Regards,


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