the essence and transformative power of meditation and the symphony of stillness.

In the stillness of time, a moment just for you,
Meditation beckons, revealing something new.
A sanctuary where thoughts are set aside,
As doors close tightly, no distractions to abide.

Yet, mischievous thoughts try to break through,
Knocking and pushing, seeking to undo.
But with firm resolve, you close them out,
Determined to find peace, without a doubt.

For a while, they dance, these thoughts untamed,
But gradually they tire, their fire tamed.
And now, in solitude, you're left to be,
Alone in the silence, finally free.

Embracing the present, the beauty it bestows,
Calmness envelops you, in its tranquil repose.
A joyous sensation, unbound and true,
In this very moment, you find what's overdue.

Oh, the serenity, the bliss it imparts,
As meditation's magic captures your heart.
Basking in stillness, in a world so vast,
You savour the beauty that stays and last.

So, practice this art, let it become your guide,
To find solace within, let peace reside.
For in meditation's embrace, you will see,
The depths of your soul, unburdened and free.

Discover the now, in its infinite grace,
Embrace the tranquility, let it leave its trace.
For in the realm of meditation's delight,
You'll find the truest version of your inner light.

So, let your spirit soar, on wings so pure,
In the sacred space, where thoughts allure.
And as you delve deeper, in this mindful flight,
You'll find the essence of serenity's might.

Meditation, a journey to your core,
A symphony of stillness, forevermore.
In its embrace, may you always find,
The beauty of solitude, peaceful and kind.

Warm Regards,


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